I live for the exploration, honing and sharing of creativity with respect to both expression and non-linear, unstructured thinking.

I’m currently a student attending the University of Central Florida pursuing a mechanical engineering major, mathematics minor. Mechanical engineering was my first choice in senior year of high school (I was considering chemical engineering) but reconsidered. I now think that mechanical engineering is the broadest subject I can study under that gives a great start to understanding the physical world that would allow me to use what I’ll learn about mechanics, electronics, materials, geometry, optimization, etc. in whatever work field I join, but most importantly, in my recreational projects.

My areas of interest outside of engineering are:

  • Education/educational bureaucracies reform – as a recent “survivor” of the American public education system (Florida: Duval County, to be specific), as an active observant of the policies and their effects on students, I believe that the strictly regulated educational system in place, coupled with the attitudes in our society about work, are responsible for the degradation of academic quality and near destruction of the interest of learning in our youth.
  • Interior design – specifically lighting and organization/space management, with the occasional drift into the purely decorative.
  • Music – without any musical background, I started learning bass guitar Nov. 2012.
  • Epistemology – knowing how we learn and understand at the fundamental level is key to improving how we learn and understand – this statement leads unto itself.

I hate walls, both physical and figurative. I strive to be as multifaceted as engineers should be, and as most engineering students are not.


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